Emergency electrician centurion

Emergency electrician in centurion

Your 24/7 Safeguard When You Need An Emergency Electrician

When life throws you an unexpected electrical curveball at three in the morning, who can you call? It’s no use calling the majority of electrician services in Johannesburg; they’ll be sound asleep in bed. But at Electrical group, we know that some problems simply can’t wait until the morning to be resolved. That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency electrician service that is second to none!

After Hours Emergency Electrician

Our professional after hours electricians in Johannesburg are fully qualified and always on call so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in an emergency at any time, during or after hours, 7 days a week. That’s what we’re here for!

We value our customers and always provide a reliable and professional service with integrity and safety as our cornerstones. We work to the highest South African standards in electrical contracting whether we’re working on a big or small project.

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Need residential emergency electrician for your business? We provide:

Electrical Fires

Electrical Fires

These are commonly caused by overloaded power boards or faulty power sockets. The Electrical Group team can identify any problem spots in your home’s electrical wiring and provide a range of effective solutions to keep your family safe.

Power Outage/Failure

Power Outage Failure

Sometimes, power outages are the result of an electrical fault in your home. In these cases, don’t waste a second – contact a licensed electrician! Electrical group will inspect your home’s electrical system and safely identify any faulty appliances or wiring.

Blown Fuse

Blown Fuse

An overloaded circuit can cause a blown fuse.

Never take any risks when it comes to electricity, even for minor problems. Contact Electrical Group to help you safely reset your circuit breaker or work on your panel.

Safety Switch Tripping

Safety Switch Tripping

Faulty electrical appliances or wiring are common culprits of a safety switch that keeps tripping. You can keep your family safe by calling a professional to assess your home’s appliances and wiring.

Sparks Or Smoke Coming From An Electrical Device

Sparks Or Smoke Coming From An Electrical Device

If an outlet is sparking or emitting smoke, don’t wait around. The safest bet is to get it inspected and repaired by a fully-licensed electrician

Electrical Damage From Floods Or Storms

Electrical Damage From Floods

During wild weather, never attempt any electrical repair work yourself. Stay away from damaged appliances and call an emergency electrician – our experienced team can assess the damage and safely replace any damaged components.