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A house rewire is a major job, but if the wiring in your house is old or inadequate, a house rewire would be an urgent safety matter. There are many way’s to take on house rewiring, the first is to determine how far you will need to budget and the extent of your rewiring project will be.


A good place to start is to check the color of the cables under your house or in the roof, you will need to take caution! because of the possible dangers associated with old wiring I would suggest to contact us for a house inspection – alternatively if you feel you need to have a look yourself please turn off the power at your switchboard.

Rewiring Safety Services

Even if the safety issues aren’t enough to convince you, you may have to get your electrics updated before you sell your house – a basic inspection will reveal inadequate or defective electrics, and no insurance company will insure your house that could burn down in the near future! Potential home buyers may bargain you down in price to cover the costs of an electrical upgrade.


So the age old question “should you invest in rewiring your home” if not for safety, rewiring you house will future proof you property and will be easy to sell when the time comes. We are asked to inspect many pre purchase homes foe potential buyers not willing to take the risk of over spending their budget and having to find additional funds when house wiring become an issue.

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Need House Wiring Electrical Contractors for your business? We provide:

Home Wiring

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If the electrical wiring in your home is found to be unsafe, Electrical Group provide a total re-wiring service. We’ll ensure the re-wiring is completed from start to finish with minimum disruption to your household. The end result will give you peace of mind, knowing that the electrics within your home are safe for you and your family.

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting electrical services


If you want to fall in love with you garden, let us help you appreciate the beauty and ambience garden lighting can bring to your outdoor space. At Boon Electrical we can provide outdoor lighting of all types, from path illumination, to highlighting that special feature in your garden.


house wiring renovations


When it comes to renovations and extensions, we have extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of what is needed for all types of builds. We’ll consult with the architects, builders and homeowner throughout the works, offer clear advice and deliver the right electrical and lighting solutions for your unique project.

New Homes

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At Electrical group we specialize in new home electrical installations. We offer you a personalized service and expert advice on the best wiring and lighting solutions for your new house. We’ll offer ideas and feedback based on our experience, to ensure the end result is a home you love living in.


switchboard installation


If you have an older switchboard in your home, chances are that it’s no longer doing the job and may even be dangerous. We can inspect the switchboard in your home to ensure that it has the required safety features to protect your home from electrical hazards.


electrical security


Installing a security system in your home will provide you with peace of mind. Electrical group can provide advice on the different security options available and design a solution that fits your home environment and protects your house and assets – and most importantly your family.